Might Does NOT Equal Right

What I have observed in myself, and in others is this:  I have a desire for absolutes.  The unknown is very scary.  I, and others are willing to lie to ourselves, and deceive ourselves in an attempt to feel secure.  It is very tempting to gravitate toward beliefs that are extreme.  We interpret being extreme, as having absolute truth.  We want absolute truth to fight our fear and discomfort of the unknown.  We tend to want to think that we know something, when maybe we only have a partial truth.  It makes our ‘ego’ feel good.  It is very tempting to accept something as fact and as true without going through a process of discovery and verification.  Again, we do this in an attempt to allay our fears.  So what happens is, there is a lot of ‘The Blind Leading the Blind’.

Imagine a very powerful being appeared to you, and that being, or energy, or whatever it is, told you something.  Now the question is, “Is what the powerful entity said the truth?”  Many people automatically associate power with truth.  For many people, they believe this to be true:

POWER = TRUTH   —–>  Not necessarily true.

Power does not equal truth.  When I get into theological conversions with people, and I dig deeper, and deeper and deeper.  At some point, they have no good answer for me.  Then at that point, their argument is, “God Can Do Whatever God Wants”   That’s their final argument.  But might does not make right.  So they make this false assumption:

MIGHT = RIGHT   —–> Not true

So, . . . might does not equal right, and power does not equal truth.  At this moment in ‘time’, evil seems to be in control.  And many people refuse to go against the power that is in control, even when it’s obvious that the power in control is doing very bad things.

There is much more to be communicated about this subject, but I’m going to stop here for now.

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