Truth is:

  • A statistical probability of the likelihood of a future event happening under certain conditions.  E.g. Will fresh water on planet earth freeze at 32 degrees F tomorrow?  True or False?
  • A determination of what happened in the past.  E.g. Did I drink water for lunch a year ago.  I don’t know know.  I can’t remember.  I don’t know if it’s true or not that I drank water for lunch a year ago.  Did you drink water for lunch a year ago?  True or False?
  • A statistical probability of the likelihood of the properties and behavior of something in it’s current state.  E.g.  This rock seems to be staying hard.  It’s not turning to mush.  It must be a rock.  Are rocks hard?  True or false?  A property of rocks is that they are hard.  They consistently stay hard.  Granite will be hard in it’s current state.  True or False?

There are ‘Truths` that are much harder to determine.  If I stated, “Every time I flip a coin, it will turn up heads.”  True or False?  Well, sometimes the coin will turn up heads.  So is the statement 50% true?  If it’s not 100% true, then is it 100% false?  Is there such a thing as 50% true and 50% false?  Or 1% true and 99% false?  Is the REAL TRUTH, that we can’t know for sure if the coin will turn up head or tails.  If we use truth to plan our actions for the future, then I would want to know the probability of the coin turning up heads or tails.

Is a drinking glass with water up to the middle half full or half empty?  The drinking glass is half full.  True or False?  The drinking glass is half empty.  True or false.  The drinking glass is both half empty and half full.  True or False?  Which truth do you prefer?  They are all true statements.  I prefer the truth that the glass is both half empty and half full.  The more truths I know, the better my chances are of being able to be able to navigate through situations to create constructive and pleasant outcomes.

If constructive and pleasant results are the goal, then we need to avoid situations where the probability of success is very low.  If you want to increase your odds of a pleasant result, it’s good to have a sense of the probability of success.  And the probability of success is directly tied to discerning truth.  It’s hard to determine the likelihood of success, if you don’t know the truth.  So truth, navigating randomness, and choosing higher probability events that lead to pleasant outcomes are all connected.


Conflict Resolution as Fundamental to Goodness

Conflict resolution is a foundational part of perpetuating goodness. The alternative to intentionally perpetuating goodness, is to rely on chance, . . . hope for the best. We need to intentionally implement systems that perpetuate goodness. Hopefully our future isn’t going to be dependent upon just rolling the dice.


Seat of Awareness

Think of the spiritual part of yourself as being eternal.  You will never die.  The spiritual part of you will never die.  When you think in those terms, death becomes meaningless.  When death becomes meaningless, fear of death becomes meaningless.  When the fear of death becomes meaningless, all other fears become meaningless.

This is the issue of:
where the Awareness is Seated

If we see ourselves as a body, with a soul in it.  Then our focus is on the body.

In contrast, if we become aware that we are an eternal soul, temporarily taking up residence in a body, then our awareness has shifted 180 degrees.  Then we go from feeling powerless, to being empowered.

It’s an issue of the mentality of where the Awareness is Seated. If we do a 180 degree turn into:  “Soul Being wearing a flesh-body”, then we also shift from feeling powerless to being empowered.

When you think of yourself as being an eternal spirit that will never die, how does it make you feel?   Does it make you feel good?  If it makes you feel good, then keep doing what makes you feel good in the spirit.   Just keep doing what makes you feel good in the spirit.  You can do what makes you feel good in the spirit, or in the flesh.  When the good feeling is from Spirit to Body, it’s a more lasting and fully satisfying event.  When the good feeling is from Body to Spirit, it might be good or not.  You can honor your body, and make your Spirit feel good, but you can also make your body feel good, and dishonor your spirit.


The Battle of the Mind

It’s been said, that the real battle is in your mind.  Can the mind fix the mind?  Probably partly.  Do you desire a more complete conscious understanding?  Where does the desire for pure and honorable goodness come from?  The spirit must steer the mind for the mind to align with goodness.  You must feel the spirit.  Fighting your mind with only your mind may not work.  Align with the spirit of Love, and the mind can be steered.  Can a broken mind fix itself?  Without discernment of truth, the mind has nothing to work with. Find truth with spirit.


Three Sides to A Coin

There are always 3 sides to a coin.  People sometimes neglect to acknowledge the edge.  Plus there is the internal part of the coin.  People who say that there are two sides to the coin, are communicating a partial truth.  There are 3 sides to a coin.  The irony of that saying, is that it’s meant to open people’s minds to the possibilities of other perspectives, and then the saying fails to communicate the perspective of the third side.  That’s why it might be better to state, ‘There are always 3 sides to a coin.”

This is a simple way to promote expansion of awareness in people’s minds.  Give them something that they have never heard before.  The risk is that you’ll be labeled as weird.  But, the new saying might become accepted.  And the people saying it might be seen as having broken though to yet another higher level of understanding.


Might Does NOT Equal Right

What I have observed in myself, and in others is this:  I have a desire for absolutes.  The unknown is very scary.  I, and others are willing to lie to ourselves, and deceive ourselves in an attempt to feel secure.  It is very tempting to gravitate toward beliefs that are extreme.  We interpret being extreme, as having absolute truth.  We want absolute truth to fight our fear and discomfort of the unknown.  We tend to want to think that we know something, when maybe we only have a partial truth.  It makes our ‘ego’ feel good.  It is very tempting to accept something as fact and as true without going through a process of discovery and verification.  Again, we do this in an attempt to allay our fears.  So what happens is, there is a lot of ‘The Blind Leading the Blind’.

Imagine a very powerful being appeared to you, and that being, or energy, or whatever it is, told you something.  Now the question is, “Is what the powerful entity said the truth?”  Many people automatically associate power with truth.  For many people, they believe this to be true:

POWER = TRUTH   —–>  Not necessarily true.

Power does not equal truth.  When I get into theological conversions with people, and I dig deeper, and deeper and deeper.  At some point, they have no good answer for me.  Then at that point, their argument is, “God Can Do Whatever God Wants”   That’s their final argument.  But might does not make right.  So they make this false assumption:

MIGHT = RIGHT   —–> Not true

So, . . . might does not equal right, and power does not equal truth.  At this moment in ‘time’, evil seems to be in control.  And many people refuse to go against the power that is in control, even when it’s obvious that the power in control is doing very bad things.

There is much more to be communicated about this subject, but I’m going to stop here for now.


Ego vs. Selfishness vs. Greater Awareness

A selfish ego works full time to preserve itself. In it’s selfish state, it doesn’t care if it’s right or wrong.  What can motivate and steer the Ego to be humble?  Something needs to bump it out of it’s selfish trajectory?
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